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Patriot Foam™ provides a one-step insulating solution for optimal home comfort, while reducing heating and cooling costs by up to 50%. Able to insulate vast surface dimensions, Patriot Foam™ is formed through a mixture of two components — ISO and resin —  which react and expand to create tiny bubbles in the plastic matrix that securely fill and insulate spaces. Patriot Foam’s Patriot 500 HY open-cell and Patriot 200 Eco closed-cell formulations are low-VOC, able to seal around home system components and other obstructions, and classified as air barriers that provide air-tightness without additional, labor-intensive sealing materials. Patriot Foam™ can also contribute to a quieter home environment by helping to reduce sound from noisy indoor and outdoor areas.

Patriot Foam™ insulation is specially formulated to suit each project’s individual needs. Patriot Foam™ can be sprayed throughout an entire building to deliver superior thermal comfort and air-sealing. Patriot Foam™ insulation solutions are ideal for a variety of substrates and climates, giving you confidence in selecting a quality foam insulation product.



Compared to traditional insulation products available on the market, Patriot Foam™ can help reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 50%. As a thermal insulation and air barrier material, Patriot Foam™ can help achieve optimal air-tightness without using labor-intensive sealing materials. Additionally, with Patriot Foam™ insulation, heating and cooling performance can be optimized with right-sized HVAC equipment.


Minimizing indoor air pollution helps promote good health, comfort and productivity. Patriot Foam™ insulation helps minimize indoor air pollution by delivering a continuous thermal barrier that completely seals around plumbing, vents and electrical openings as well as gaps and cracks that allow unwanted air leakage. Patriot Foam™ helps minimize airborne irritants such as allergens, drafts or humidity. When combined with proper mechanical ventilation, Patriot Foam™ allows occupants control of the quality of the indoor air.


According to the U.S. Department of Energy, air leakage can contribute to as much as 50% of a building’s energy loss. Building science experts recognize that controlling air leakage, complemented by a reasonable R-value level, will have a greater impact on energy conservation than R-value alone. Patriot Foam™ spray foam insulation products are  classified as air  barriers to help stop air leaks and help save energy, control airborne moisture, enhance durability and provide comfort.


Patriot Foam™ insulation delivers advanced moisture management by forming an air seal that helps minimize air movement. By minimizing airborne moisture transported through the building envelope, Patriot Foam™ helps to prevent condensation and the resulting potential for mold growth within walls and ceilings. Patriot Foam™ light-density spray foams are formulated to allow them to dry and remain unaffected should minor wetting occur. This allows the foam to continue functioning at optimal levels. Open-cell technology helps in the identification and diagnosis of leaks and in protecting roof decks from sustained wetting/conditions that can lead to rot. It is also helpful in drying moisture trapped in adjoining materials. Patriot Foam™ light-density spray foams allow these materials to dry over time, minimizing the potential for damage. Insulating with Patriot Foam™ provides moisture management through  an air seal that helps minimize air movement and prevents condensation that results in mold growth, wood rot and buckling in finished areas such as hardwood floors. Patriot Foam™ light-density spray foam is formulated to allow roof leaks to dry and remains unaffected by minor wetting. For areas with higher humidity levels like crawlspaces or where higher R-value per inch is required, the Patriot Foam™ closed-cell family of medium-density spray foams are an ideal solution.

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